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What Size and Breed of Bunny is Right For You?
Bunnies can be small, medium or large with variations in between. Choosing one that is best for you is a matter of personal choice and what their living space will be. Many people gravitate to the smaller ones, but miss out on some wonderful bunnies in the process. If you don't have dogs, cats or children, the smaller breeds are fine, though some tend to be a bit more skittish or high strung. Every bunny has a different personality, though, so it's best if you can spend some time with them or get information from the shelter and/or foster home about the individual buns before adopting.

Don't discount medium or large bunnies, though. The larger breeds in many cases tend to be more mellow and gentle. Another very important factor to consider is who else will live in the house with the bunny. Since smaller bunnies are more fragile, a larger bun is a better choice for a household with any combination of dogs, cats or children.

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