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Find A Qualified Vet Who Knows About Rabbits
It is critically important to have a vet who is experienced with bunnies; they have very different needs than pets such as cats and dogs, and some treatments that are fine for those pets can be deadly to rabbits. It is important to take your bunny in for annual checkups; semi-annual is recommended for bunnies over age 6. Keep accurate records and don't rely on memory. Be prepared and don't wait for an emergency to try to find a qualified vet.

The Sweetpea Foundation frequently works with Dr. Gayle Roberts and Dr. Sari Kanfer who have been valuable resources in helping us keep our bunnies healthy. We've listed their office information along with other experienced bunny vets if you live in these areas. A link is also provided below so you can find a qualified veterinarian in your area.

Dr. Gayle Roberts                                Dr. Sari Kanfer
Northwood Animal Hospital             Exotic Animal Care Center
13925 Yale, Suite 115                          2121 E. Foothill Blvd.
Irvine, CA  92620                                 Pasadena, CA   91107
949.559.1992                                       626.405.1777

Dr. Susan Garlinghouse                      Dr. Wayne Kopit, Dr. Heidi Tschauner
All Creatures Care Cottage               Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital
5405 Arrow Highway, Suite 108          18542 Brookhurst St.
Montclair, CA  91763                           Fountain Valley, CA  91763
909.946.3211                                       714.963.0440

Dr. Carl Palazzolo                                Dr. Jennifer Kumar
Long Beach Animal Hospital            South Coast Pet Hospital 
3816 E. Anaheim St.                            3396 South Bristol Street
Long Beach, CA  90804                       Santa Ana, CA  92704
562.434.9966                                       714.979.7387

Find a Rabbit Vet In Your Area.  

Emergency Vets 
What if your bunny suddenly becomes ill, or stops eating and develops GI Stasis or gets injured and it is a Saturday evening or a Sunday when your regular bunny vet's office is closed? You hope it never happens, but be prepared so you have a back-up plan and can get your bunny to an emergency care center that is open 24 hours and has experience with rabbits. Your bunny's life may depend on it, so get them treatment so they are stabilized and then get them in to your regular vet the next day their office is open. Ask your regular bunny vet for their recommendation.

Here are two locations in southern California that are open 24 hours, 7 days a week:

TLC Pet Medical Center                             
VCA All-Care Animal Hospital
1412 Huntington Drive                                 
18440 Amistad
South Pasadena, CA 91030                          Fountain Valley, CA 92708
626.441.8555                                                714.963.0909
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