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 Prevent Poisoning 

Poisoning and How to Prevent It
Be sure to read about what is poisonous to bunnies and take all steps necessary to keep your bunnies safe. A large number of common houseplants (and garden plants) are toxic to bunnies and contrary to popular belief, domestic bunnies cannot tell the difference between which plants are poisonous from those that aren't. Be sure houseplants are well out of reach and that no fallen leaves are left on the floor that your bunny might ingest.

Most household cleansers and even food items that humans can eat can be deadly to bunnies. Many flowers (such as lilies) are also poisonous to bunnies, so be sure if you have a floral arrangement that your bunny cannot hop onto the table to nibble, and immediately pick up any blooms that fall off the stem. Be sure when you clean your bunny's litter box and living area to use no chemicals, just white vinegar and water.

Click on this link to view some key information about things that are poisonous to bunnies so you can avoid a tragedy.

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