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Name: Julie
Date: 01/16/2017
Message: Thank you for saving so many bunnies and finding good homes for them. Your site is a great resource for a wide variety of information - I keep coming back to it.

Name: lina
Date: 01/23/2016
Message: This website is very interesting to visit and very interesting article to read, the information may be useful.

Name: Ann
Date: 03/12/2015
Message: This is a wonderful rescue. The people are so nice and helpful and give very personalized attention to potential adopters.All the bunnies are well cared for, too. Love this site, it is really well done! Keep up the great work, Sweetpea Foundation!

Name: Jeff Ditmire
Date: 12/21/2014
Message: Thank you for following in St. Francis' footsteps and being kind to all creatures.

Name: Adriana. Gomez
Date: 11/06/2014
Message: Have two bunnies at home love love them.....

Name: tianna reid
Date: 08/24/2014
Message: I would love to adopt a baby mini-lop

Name: Esther
Date: 08/01/2014
Message: I would like to fill out an application for adoption. We are looking to adopt a bunny or two or three. Where do I go for application?

Name: Cheryl Turner
Date: 07/28/2014
Message: Rescued a bunny from our back slope that some one had just let loose. Fed her for days trying to catch her, then one day saw her face ripped open a bleeding. We finally trapped her and took her to our vet. She's fine now, except that she is so unfriendly. She charges us, bites us, growls and scratches. We have had her nearly a year. We had her spayed, thought that might help, but no. Thinking she may need a pal? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Cheryl

Name: T Hill
Date: 07/23/2014
Message: Thank you for your hard work and dedication on behalf of soCal's buns.

Name: Carmela Bracco
Date: 07/14/2014
Message: I love your adorable bunny pictures! I plan on donating! Keep up the great work!

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