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 Housing Ideas 
Many Options Available for Indoor Housing
Everyone's home has a different set-up and based on that and the bunny or bunnies they have, the bun housing needs vary. There are many options for housing your bun indoors whether it is an X-Pen, NIC custom condo, Leith Petwerks condo, large cage, dog crate and so on. Bunny sites such as BunSpace offer forums and photos of various set-ups that bun parents have bought or created, and many other sites sell housing suitable for bunnies. We have large crates and X-pens available through our foundation.

Always keep in mind that housing for bunnies needs to allow for plenty of room to stretch out, hop, lounge and include food and water bowls (or water bottle) and a litter box filled with hay. It is critical for their health and well-being that bunnies have a minimum of 3 - 4 hours daily of free run time outside of their enclosures.

For some great housing ideas, check out the HopperHome site, as well as taking a look at some of the examples in the photos below.
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