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 Healthy Diet 

Healthy Diet 
A proper diet is key to your bunny's good health. Their digestive system and nutritional needs are very specialized, but once you know the basics it is easy to follow. 

* 80 - 85% Grass Hay (unlimited and available 24/7)

* 10% Fresh Greens and Veggies

* 5% Healthy Pellets (Timothy for those over 8 months old; alfalfa for babies)

* 5% Healthy Treats

We recommend the Oxbow Bunny Basics/T pellets as it is a high-quality blend and doesn't contain unhealthy fillers like a lot of the cheaper pellets. For every '5 pounds of bunny' the portion should be 1/8 to 1/4 cup daily. It is also important to keep your bunny's diet consistent; any changes should be done very gradually. Bunnies should never be given nuts, seeds, 'human' treats or sugary things like yogurt drops sold in many pet stores as those are very bad for their health or digestive systems.

Click on this link to a very informative article about diet from The House Rabbit Society.

Remember, treats should be small and given sparingly!
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