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 Emergency Kit Checklist 

Emergency Kit ChecklistWhile you always hope there will never be a medical emergency, it is extremely important that you are well prepared in the event your bunny becomes injured or sick. Here is a checklist of first aid items you should have in your emergency kit. These first aid items will  help you render aid to your bunny until you can get them to your rabbit-savvy vet if the situation warrants.

- Critical Care
- 3cc and/or 10cc Feeding Syringe
- 1cc Syringe for oral meds
- Baby Food (carrot or squash)
- Infant Gas Drops (Simethicone)
- Digital Thermometer
- Probiotic (such as Benebac)
- Quik-Stop Styptic Powder
- Microwaveable Heating Pad (such as SnuggleSafe)
- Antibiotic ointment or cream (basic formulas such as Neosporin - do not use Neosporin Plus, triple action or pain relief formulas that contain ingredients like lidocaine.)

- Get a recommendation from your regular bunny vet for a 24-hour emergency vet care provider that has experience with rabbits. This is critical in the event your bunny becomes ill or gets injured when your regular vet's office is closed.


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