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 Checklist of Supplies 

Checklist of Items to Have Before Bringing Home Your Bunny

Before you bring home your bunny or bunnies, you'll want to be well prepared with everything you need to properly house, feed and care for them.  We've created a checklist of basic items you'll need. Since at least 3 hours of daily free run time outside their living area is needed, be sure to check our Bunnyproofing section.


- X-pen, Large condo or Extra- large Crate/cage with solid surfaces (no wire floors)
- Large Litter box (we recommend getting at least one spare so you can have one already prepped, making it quick to provide a fresh litter box for your bunny while you clean the other.)
- Sturdy ceramic crocks for pellets and greens
- Water bottle and/or crock
- Toys (chew & toss)

- High-quality Timothy pellets (such as Oxbow or Sherwood Forest)

- Fresh water 
- Unlimited Hay (primarily timothy)
- Fresh greens and veggies

- Brush (such as Zoom Groom, Best Bunny Brush,Furminator and/or a grooming mitt)

- Nail clippers
- Styptic powder (such as Quik-Stop)


- Absorbent, dust-free litter. We recommend Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding litter (never use cat litter, clay-based litter, cedar or pine scented wood shavings) Yesterday's News unscented pelleted litter works well too.
- Newspaper (great for lining the litter box before topping with litter and hay)
- White vinegar and a spray bottle
- Whisk broom and dustpan
- Hand vacuum
- Books on rabbit care and behavior

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