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 Adoptable Bunnies  

Bunnies Living Hoppily Ever After.
Our goal: Save as many bunnies as possible and find them loving homes.

We rescue as many as we can from high-kill shelters, but our space is limited. I
n addition to exploring this page to learn about the bunnies available for adoption, we also encourage you to check the local shelters. Too many bunnies get euthanized at high-kill shelters every day; you can save a life by adopting one. We've provided links to a few 
local shelters in the
Los Angeles and Orange County areas. If you are outside these areas, a quick search on the internet will provide you with local shelter information.

If you adopt a bunny from a shelter, please let us know - we will be happy to provide free consultation and advice on bunny care and behavior so you and your new companion can live together happily - and hoppily - ever after! Please see our Bunny Info section for helpful information to have before you adopt. We also have Oxbow Timothy pellets and fresh hay available to get things off to the right start with your new bunny. 

All of our adoptable bunnies have been spayed or neutered and are litter box trained.


Sweetpea Adoptable Bunnies
  • Name: Bunnicula & Sprinkles
  • Breed: Mixed    
  • Size: M
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: F, M

    Notes: Introducing Bunnicula & Sprinkles, two cute bunnies who were found on a college campus when they were not much more than a month old; they are now about 3.5 years old. A volunteer saved them, cared for them and they were then spayed and neutered. Bunnicula is the orange bunny; she's the female, and the boy is Sprinkles, the black bun. These two are so playful and have endless amounts of energy - the entertainment they provide is non-stop. They are don't like to be picked up, but they love attention and are very happy, joyful bunnies who love to run, play and do binkies. If you give them a toy to play with, you'll score big points. Another thing they love is treats, which is a sure-fire way to get them to come to you.  This darling pair is looking for a loving home where they can live happily, safely and be loved forever.

  • Name: Chopper & B.B.
  • Breed: Dwarf mix   
  • Size: S 
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: M, F

    Notes: This adorable couple is ready to hop into your heart and home. Both of these little snuggle bunnies are not just happy showing each other love; they are happy to show your some too. While being held isn't their favorite thing, both will melt like butter with some pets or attention from a head-to-toe stroke, and scratches behind the ears or under the chin. These two are big fans of mixed green lettuces, parsley, cilantro, carrots, lots of hay and some special treats. Chopper and B.B. (for Bugs Bunny) are about 3.5 years old and very active -- they love playing with toys, boxes, cardboard tubes and running around the house and yard (supervised) as they explore. Curious, silly and charming bunnies. Chopper and B.B. eagerly await a loving home. Could it be yours?

  • Harley & Joey
  • Breed: Dwarf
  • Size: S
  • Age: Senior
  • Gender:  F, M

Notes: Just look at the sweetness of these snugglebunnies! Both bunnies are Dwarf breeds who are about 9 years old, very healthy and loving. Harley is the tan and multi-color female and she is really active and full of energy. She loves to run around the house and even enjoys some supervised run time in the back yard at the home where she and her mate are being fostered. Harley likes to be held in your arms and pet on the head; quite the cuddle bunny, though she can be a bit protective of her territory. Harley is happily bonded with Joey, her mate - they are a loving couple. He isn't territorial and is rather shy, but oh-so-cute and happy to let anyone pet him. The white spot on his nose is adorable just like the rest of him. Sadly, they lost their home due to a divorce, so this sweet pair is in need of a new forever home.


  • Name: Lenny 
  • Breed: Mixed  
  • Size: S
  • Age: Senior
  • Gender:

    Notes: Lenny was rescued from a city shelter; he is on the small side and roughly 7 years old. He is a joyful bundle of energy who loves to run, jump and play a lot.  Lenny is always eager to interact with you and enjoys a good petting session as well. He is very friendly, fun loving and cute as can be. He has good litter box habits and will make a great addition to the home of the lucky person who adopts him. Please give this darling boy the loving forever home he's been dreaming about. He lost his mate not long ago and could use a lot of extra love. 

  • Name: Priscilla
  • Breed: Californian mix 
  • Size: S
  • Age: Young 
  • Gender: F

    Notes:  This little beauty is Priscilla, who had been at a shelter for months before we took her in to our rescue. She's under a year old and weighs a little under 4lbs. She's learning to trust and is coming out of her shell as she realizes she is safe. Priscilla is very playful with a paper towel roll, and her favorite greens are parsley and red leaf lettuce.This sweet girl has very good litter box habits and will make a wonderful addition to a nice home. Won't you consider giving this little girl the loving home she deserves?

  • Name: Snickers and Milky Way
  • Breed: English Spot mix 
  • Size: M
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: M, F

    Notes: This super-cute dynamic duo needs a loving home! Their adoptive mom moved to a place where she could not have bunnies. Both bunnies were born July 22, 2014 and are neutered/spayed and litterbox trained. Snickers is the tan and white male bun who is comfortable sitting in your lap and loves being scratched around his head and ears. He especially loves being brushed. Snickers' favorite greens are kale, cilantro and romaine, and his favorite treats are pieces of apple, carrots, bananas and bit of oats. When he's looking for attention and head rubs, Snickers is not shy about nudging you to let you know. He also likes to sit next to you while you hang out with him on the floor. Milky Way is the black and white female bunny who is very gentle and somewhat shy, though much less shy when given head rubs. She enjoys romaine, cilantro, kale and arugula, and her favorite treats are oats and apples, but she'll hesitantly eat carrots and bananas if she's left with no other treat choices. Milky way is a black belt in karate/bunstruction of cardboard boxes, and will happily show off her skills. This pair is super sweet, cute and eager for a home - please contact us if you're interested in adopting them. 

  • Name: Sweetie
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Size: S
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: F

    Notes: Sweetie is as sweet as she is beautiful. She was rescued from a shelter and is about 3 years old now. She's very friendly and loves to be pet on her head; her fur is silky soft. Sweetie loves getting cozy in her hay while she munches away at it, and loves playing with paper towel rolls. She's quite good at doing binkies and will happily show you. This lovely bun is spayed, litter box trained and will make a good family pet. She is eager to interview prospective bun parents.


The Sweetpea Foundation bunnies available for adoption are being fostered in Orange, LA and Riverside counties. Please check the Events tab to find out locations and times for the special adoption events we put on throughout the year. And please contact us to make an appointment to meet the bunny/bunnies you are interested in!

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